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Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek

Naar het Landenoverzicht

Boeken, kaarten, reisgidsen en plattegronden - Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek

Wegenkaart - Landkaart - Autokaart Republique Centrafricane - Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek IGN

Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek


Taal: Frans

Goede overzichtskaart van het Franse Cartografisch Instituut. Met autoroutes en stadsplattegronden van de belangrijkste steden.Indexed map with a plan of Bangui and an administrative map of the country. Topography and terrain are indicated by relief shading and spot heights, with forests, savanna, deserts, areas of seasonal inundation, and boundaries of national parks and forest reserves. Road network includes minor roads and tracks and shows location of petrol stations. The map also indicates hospitals and medical centres, post offices, missions and other religions establishments, selected accommodation, places of interest, etc. Latitude and longitude are marked in the margins at 2ļ intervals and by cross ticks on the map itself. Map legend is in French only.The map has an index of place names, and insets showing Bangui and the surrounding area at 1:50,000 with main streets and districts within the city, and an administrative map of the country.

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Landkaart - wegenkaart Kongo - CAR, Democratic Republic of Congo & Central African Republic ITMB

Centraal Afrikaanse Republiek

Editie: 2012

Taal: Engels

Een degelijke kaart met aanduidingen van o.a. nationale parken, vliegveld, benzinepomp, dirt-roads en kleine plattegrond van hoofdstad. Als overzichtskaart goed te gebruiken. This is a really exciting map, in that an area as large as Europe has been added to ITMB's Africa series. We have been working on this artwork for over three years. It covers all of the Democratic Republic of Congo (the former Congo-Kinshasa, or Zaire), all of the People's Republic of the Congo (known as Congo-Brazzaville or French Congo), and the Central African Republic to the north. This is in reality a map of the vast rain forest known as the Congo River Basin, and matches our equally complicated map of the Amazon River Basin and the Mekong, Mississippi/Missouri, Nile, and Mackenzie maps that we have published previously. A word of warning: the road network in the Congo is primitive - that means largely non-existent or in such poor condition as to wreck army trucks. We show the roads, and tried to classify them by quality, but this is a 'work in progress' and I hope that this map will create sufficient feedback to improve this aspect of the map. For this edition, we have laid the ground work for developing more detailed sectional maps as the need arises. Legend Includes: Roads by classification, Airports, Point of Interest, Hospitals, Hotels, Mines, Gas Stations, Churches, Mosques, Camping grounds, National Park, Harbour, Border Crossing, Telephone, and much more.

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